what is Nutelleria?

Nutelleria is simply Nutella® enthusiasts that decided to share our love for Nutella® with the rest of the world. At our shoppe you can find a quick, nutritious, authentic sweet snack that would satisfy any craving, guaranteed! We serve only the finest, freshest, and most nutritious ingredients.


you mean to tell me that I can earn points by visiting Nutelleria?

for starters, earning points is really, really easy and there is absolutely no charge! You can earn 1 point for every dollar you spend and use your points for free treats at any of our super cool Nutelleria locations. Nutelleria is all about treats at NO CASH COST, adventure and fun in a loving and punctual world. Actually, it is really just about getting treats at no cash cost. Use your reward points to buy an original Nutella® crepe, an extra large Nutella® shake, a Nutella® cup with fruit and much, much more. It’s really easy. Oh, and you cannot pay part points and part credit card / cash which means you need the points to cover the full purchase price. They made us do it this way.

what are the Holidays on which Nutelleria is closed?

Nutelleira will be closed on the following holidays so keep that in mind when planning your visit: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

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